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Waiting Area

After passing the doors you enter the waiting queue. This is a narrow corridor that goes criss cross through the building, the so called arsenal. The waiting queue is a long one, approximately 15 minutes after entering. Here and there are investigation results displayed, that have been discovered by professor Nicholson and his team, during the restoration activities of the towers. These results are of course a part of the story, and it seems that restoration has not completed yet, but that mood was created intentionally. Upon the stone bases are statues, that are covered with dusty sheets. Furthermore, at some parts are little construction sites and you can hear soft noises of chisels. The whole mood gives you the realistic idea of a building that is being restored.
At the end of the waiting queue is a revolving door providing access to the next room. The visitors are being gathered in this room. This is the part of the arsenal that has a reputation that it is haunted. The staff of the souvenirshop have noticed a strange chill coming from this room on several occasions. A lot of effort was put into this room, there is a sign showing professor Nicholson's plans for the towers, and if you look closely, you may find clues as to what is going to happen. Also there are pictures on the board. A big part of the scaffold stands before you with dusty sheets hanging down from it. Next, a voice from the intercom, which is professor Nicholson, greets all visitors, and invites you to enter the next room, while the automatic doors open simultaneously.

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