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Welcome to the Madhouse Guide!

Important: For the planning of international madhouse fandays we need your assistance. Incase you have an interest in participating this day with a Madhouse theme (assumed location: Walibi World), help us by filling out this form, indicating with how many you would like to participate. We need a large group, in order to continue planning this day. However, this form is not conclusive.

This site was originated as a project to introduce people that have, like us, developed a fascination for Madhouses, providing those a platform of information.
Given the fact that the internet does not supply many sites about this subject, we have made it our priority to keep this site well updated, displaying the most broad and accurate informations.
One goal achieving such is putting together a large index of excisting Madhouses.

All of you whom known us from before the restructuring, will notice a various of changes and improvements in the last year. Not only the outlook has changed, also the technical operations are completely remodelled.
If you encounter any failures while browsing our pages, we would be much appreciative if you notify us using the error report, which can be found under "Contact".

Next to the numerous changes made apparent online, there have also been many internally. We are proud to announce some new team members and we are looking forward to the joined support.

If you would be interested in being a part of our team, please just tell us.

Furthermore we would lift a tip of a soon to be introduced novelty; the Internet Madhouse Fandays, or short: IMF.
We will include all informations regarding this soon.

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